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Benefits of Chiropractic 

The Human Movement System or kinetic chain is a complex network of interrelated joints (skeletal system), muscles (muscular system), and nerves (nervous system), working together to provide effective posture, movement, and communication between the brain and body (referred to as the brain-body connection).  When there are alterations in this system, such as bones that are out of alignment, muscles that are hyperactive (contracted or spasmed), or muscles that are underactive (weak or lengthened), this will lead to dysfunctional posture, dysfunctional movement, and a disruption in the communication between the brain and the body.


If these alterations in the Human Movement System (HMS) are not immediately addressed, the body will acquire tissue fatigue, which will lead to inflammation, pain, restrictions in movement, and further muscle imbalances that causes additional dysfunction in posture, movement, and communication between the brain and body.  This process is known as the Cumulative Injury Cycle and will lead to a decrease in the body’s immune system, namely the ability to fight off infection.


There are certain medications that may be helpful in treating the harmful effects of lead poisoning.  However, if the body’s system is not addressed, posture corrected, and a reestablishment of communication between the body and brain, the body will not be able to effectively fight off the toxins itself.  This is why chiropractic adjustments are a vital part of our health, as they bring the body back to a natural state of healing, by realigning the bones, joints, and muscles that are pinching off on nerves, thereby eliminating the factors that are preventing natural healing. 

Children & ADHD 

The model of modern medicine is based on providing an evaluation to the patient in order to come up with a diagnosis, or the name of the condition.  Once a name has been assigned to the condition of the patient, the “name” is treated and not the patient. 

The model of holistic health care, utilized by most chiropractors, is in working with the body, not against it, by eliminating any restrictions in the body’s natural self-healing capabilities.  This is the foundation to why chiropractic adjustments play vital roles in helping children recover from the symptoms of ADHD. Chiropractic care focuses on the principles of natural healing, by bringing the body back to its full healing potential, in order to effectively treat children with ADHD.

Currently, the number one intervention for the treatment of ADHD is prescribed medication.  However, is this the most effective treatment, and what are the risks?  It is no secret that modern medicines come with a battery of unwanted side effects.  In addition, continued or long-term use of medication can increase risks of many other medical conditions as well. 

Recent studies show that the ability to think is directly linked to the ability to move.  One of the goals of chiropractic adjustments is to ensure proper nerve functioning by eliminating subluxations and restrictions in the spine that block or hinder proper communication with the body and the brain.  When the spine is out of alignment, in addition to pain, discomfort, and altered posture and movement, it can affect behavior, concentration, and a child’s performance at school. 

The baseline function of brain activity is in motor activity, especially postural development.  If one has a deficiency or alteration in posture or bone alignment, it will inevitably affect brain development.  In other words, imbalances in the musculoskeletal system will create imbalances in the brain.  Therefore, if you improve movement and posture, you can in turn affect ones cognitive ability. 


Adjustments & Detoxification 

When your body is put back into alignment your central nervous system can work correctly.  This reestablishment in communication causes the body to release toxins.  This reactionary release of toxins may cause the one receiving an adjustment to feel a sensation of being sick.  This sensation is only temporary—lasting only one to two days.


This reactionary sensation of being sick is a good thing, as it is a positive indicator that communication has been reestablished between the brain and body, via the central nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments, coupled with proper nutrition, adequate water intake, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and rest will greatly detoxify the body, thereby improving the body’s natural healing abilities.

Other Considerations 

In addition to the above adverse side effects acquired from the Flint water crisis, arguably the greatest side effect of this crisis was the loss of trust and confidence in their city.  How long has this water issue been going on?  How long have the residents been ingesting lead?  How do they know if the water is now good to drink?  Will it ever be good to drink again?  Even if the community is told that the crisis is over, could they even trust it?  These are just a few of the questions that flood the minds of community residents.


HOPE Chiropractic & Wellness believes in providing solutions.  Therefore, in addition to chiropractic services to help alleviate some of the side effects of lead poisoning, we also believe in educating our patients on natural things they can do at home to help combat the side effects themselves.  Thereby, empowering our patients by getting them active in the solution to their care.


A few of these educational points may include, a detox-program, nutritional tips and suggestions, home exercise plans, the importance of adequate water intake, the harmful effects of certain food items (i.e. soda, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, processed sugars, etc.) and food additives (i.e. sucralose, aspartame, artificial coloring, MSG, etc.), adequate exposure to fresh air and sunlight, and time spent studying the Word of God.


Together, with the services we provide and their active participation, patients can recover from not just the physical side effects of the Flint water crisis, but the mental and spiritual as well.  We are HOPE Chiropractic & Wellness, and by the grace of God, we “Help Others by Providing the Essentials.”

Helping Others by Providing the Essentials